Fraud and misrepresentation are ever on the increase and for companies to prevent massive losses, they need to ensure that they know their customers, employees, tenants or other business partners. Authentication solutions from XDS assist in verifying information submitted and identifying fraudulent documentation, all of which work together to reduce exposure to risk and loss.

E Check is an employee screening/background checking service under XDS. E Check offers employment risk management solutions to employers and background screening agencies in all sectors across Zimbabwe and internationally; with specialised consumer information which empowers employers to make better recruitment decisions. This is done through an employee database with data contributing members being employers, training institutions and tertiary institutions in Zimbabwe.

It is important for businesses of all sizes to conduct the necessary background checks on their employees. Employees may portray a different picture of their past compared to what it really was, which is why employment checks are an essential part of the recruitment process.

E Check provides you with a quick, easily accessible screening option, tailor-made to suit your screening needs. You can either choose a full screening package or custom-build your report by requesting for particular levels of screening from our array of products.

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