XDS is the first to offer live portal in Zimbabwe. It allows subscribers to access the largest consumer and commercial database in Zimbabwe. A unique combination of strong business practices, information technology skills and experience enables us to provide consumer, business and personal solutions that significantly contribute to organizations making smarter decisions. This is an internet-based distribution channel and complements Zimbabwe’s move towards more web-based operations and wider access to the internet.

The advantages presented by having an online portal are not only limited to speed and easy access to our database but extend to money-saving and accountability of use of credit data. Our portal is highly secure and allows us to maintain our standards of data security and integrity through restricting use to subscribers to the Bureau and tracking usage.

Data Security

In our effort to ensure data completeness and accuracy, XDS adheres to the highest level of data security and integrity. Together with the subscriber XDS has in place processes and procedures to secure the movement of information between the subscriber and XDS.

For media movements between the subscriber and XDS only approved courier services are used, or suitable in-house facilities for movements between sites. A record is maintained of all media receipts and dispatches, this also provides for the authorization of media dispatch.

Portal Details

◉ Real Time Access

◉ Download Reports

◉ Multi Users

◉ Easy to Navigate