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It is a necessity for every business to adopt and implement sound risk management solutions and practices to ensure their survival and enable growth and prosperity. XDS is dedicated to providing a range of innovative solutions that adds real value

Our data and information solutions are locally developed to cater for all aspects of your customer's credit life cycle, including marketing, application processing, scoring, fraud detection & prevention, account management and monitoring and tracing.

Credit Information Services

Credit Referencing Bureaus are an integral part of the credit application process. Whether you’re working on applying for a mortgage, educational, clothing personal loan facility, it’s important to understand what these Bureaus do and how they work.

XDS Zimbabwe (a credit referencing bureau) collects and records the credit information of both individual consumers and businesses. This information is collected from participating lenders and creditors, then tailor made into credit report which are then availed to financial institutions for use when conducting credit enquiries for credit applicants. The most common types of credit information collected by them include loan balances, credit card balances, payment history, account statuses, and public information.

XDS Credit reports assist financial institutions to manage their risk associated with the providing credit facilities to potential customers as they provide detailed information on an individual`s credit history and performance. Information provided is vital in the determination on whether a loan should be approved or not.

XDS Zimbabwe is proud to provide up-to-date detailed information from its huge database which now hosts over 3 million data points and with its online portal, information is readily available from any part of the world.

XDS Credit Profiles will provide your business with up-to-date consumer and corporate information that will streamline your credit granting process through:

  • Unique comprehensive reports
  • User-friendly systems
  • Accuracy, validity and reliability of information
  • Current information
  • Cost-effective pricing models
  • Customer support
  • Real time access
  • Our suite of products is designed to carter for the requirements across the credit life cycle as depicted below:


    Agriculture Services

    XDS agro business unit specializes in facilitating the sharing of credit data, establishment of credit scores and credit analysis that will enhance lending to the agriculture sector, including small holder and communal farmers. XDS provides data analytic products that enable contract farmers to eliminate excessive losses. Current product offering includes: credit exposure reports, double dip alerts and side marketing alerts.

    XDS collects information of on farmers’ past credit history, payment patterns, productivity levels and the type of produce. We combine this information with agro economist information to come up with scores and analytics that incorporate both the credit behaviour and the productivity levels of the farmer.

    XDS assists agro-finance companies successfully manage risk associated with granting credit to small-to-medium scale farmers and commercial farmers.

    authentication services

    Devoted to ensuring the recruitment process is consistent, fair and efficient Expert Decision Systems offers authentication services that ensure job applicants meet all the requirements of employment including but not limited to academic qualifications and work experience. Organisations need to be vigilant an aware of fraudulent and misrepresented information to mitigate possible reputational damage and costs. Expert Decision Systems provided authentication services that are tailored to suit an organisations' screening needs and assists in verifying docouments submitted.

    Why Choose Expert Decision Systems?

    ✔ One stop shop for all your screening

    ✔ Thorough background checks

    ✔ Large sector analysis through our database thus an individual's exposure

    ✔ Competent and efficient staff

    ✔ Quick turn around time

    ✔ Flexibility

    ✔ High level of security around the information we handle

    By engaging Expert Decision System's authentication services an organisation gains access to ECheck, an online portal that gives real time updates. Expert Decision Systems conducts background checks for employers, recruitement agencies and background screening agencies in Zimbabwe and globally. Our knowledge in the field extends across different business areas and our key to success is delivering thoroughemployee screening services in a flexible and professional manner.

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